Boise Street Style: Hopping into fashion | ammophotog

(Direct link: Ahem. I just have one thing to say before we begin this week’s journey of street style… NORDSTROM RACK OPENS THIS WEEK! I will be there, bright eyed and bushy-booted, when the doors open. I’ll be snapping shots … Continue reading

Stylitics: the hottest new style site! | ammophotog

(Direct link: ‎) Attention people of the WORLD!! Stand up and take notice of this incredibly AMAZING website! I am giddy talking about this, because I just think it is SO. RAD. Stylitics ( is a cross between facebook, shopping, … Continue reading

Boise Street Style: Oops, was that the sun? Come back! | ammophotog

(Direct link: March is sort of bipolar, as far as the weather is concerned. But, if you’re like me, you ran outside recently and breathed in the sunshine! Hurray! SUN! Then it poured all over Treefort. Oh well. That … Continue reading