Why Ammo?

Ammo is a nickname I was given by my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Fast. It is the first two letters of my first name (AManda) and the first two letters of my last name (MOrgan). My photography company is called ammophotog, no capital letters, no spaces.

What is ammophotog street?

This is a blog about style. To me, style and fashion are two different things. Style doesn’t have to be what is new, and trendy, and popular. People with style are the ones you can pick out of a crowd.  Fashion definitely plays a part of that, but style is about expressing who you are.

More specifically, this blog is centered around style and fashion in Boise, ID. The majority of the content will be photos of regular people in this great city, exploring their unique style.

Does ammophotog street use models?

Nope. These are really just people I find wandering around town! Don’t blame ME if people in Boise are gorgeous!!

Why can’t I comment on this blog?

Because I don’t want it to turn into a “hot or not” site. You are allowed to have you own opinions about what you see here, but I want to protect the people featured on this blog from inappropriate comments. If you have feedback for me about anything, you can contact me via email: ammophotog at gmail dot com. 🙂

What other kind of photography does ammophotog do?

I do fine art and portraiture and have been featured in local magazines, blogs, art shows, and websites.  I’m also a self-portrait artist and love out-of-the-box photoshoot ideas! You can find more of my photography on my website: www.ammophotog.com or on my facebook at www.facebook.com/ammophotog.

Are you always dressed cool?

Heck no. I rock the leggings and Uggs like any other self-deprecating quasi-mountain-town girl. But I do like to pair fun things together and look stylish when I can. You will NEVER see me wearing jeans, with white tennis shoes, and a <insert sports team name here> t-shirt!

Isn’t that kind of hypocritical, since you’re writing a fashion blog?

So’s your face.

Are you a fashion expert?

Fashion has always interested me. In high school I’d sketch gowns. In college I was a fashion design major. I drool over glamour mags. Do I know everything about fashion? No. Can I tell which items of clothing were made by which designer? Usually no. Do I always notice people’s shoes? Yes. Do I wish I was a fashion photographer who got to travel to fun, exotic places and be creatively in charge of super conceptual, awesome shoots? Yes.