I’m Ammo.

I’m a downtown Boise girl. I started ammophotog street in the summer of 2011 after being inspired by the documentary Bill Cunningham New York, the story of an octogenarian street style photographer for the New York Times. While not known as a fashion mecca, I knew Boise had its own style and wanted to showcase those  I saw walking around with a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’. I’m a photography freakazoid, so taking photos and giving them my own artist’s twist was something I realized quickly was a good fit.

At the end of 2011, I expanded into more than just street style. Fashion news, tips, and trends now join the ranks of Boise’s most stylish residents. If you have suggestions for me regarding this site, or would like to inquire about booking a photography session or buying prints, you can reach me at ammophotog@gmail.com or though my website: www.ammophotog.com.

Be my friend and see a bunch of my cool pictures! www.facebook.com/ammophotog


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