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Last spring I was lucky enough to have participated in something… well, something AMAZING. I asked if I could shoot behind the scenes for a new show being filmed in Boise called the Every Women Project.  Known only to my close friends and family, I participate in a little guerrilla “marketing” known as  Operation Beautiful. Participants of Operation Beautiful leave positive and uplifting post-it notes on bathroom mirrors and other unsuspecting surfaces… most of mine simply say “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”. So I obviously fell in love with the tagline of this new reality makeover show: “All women are beautiful, and we’re going to prove it.” This show isn’t a “You dress horribly and we’re going to fix you” show. The Every Woman Project seeks individuals who are blessings to those around them. They are the women who give so much of themselves, that they don’t often take themselves into consideration. My good friend (I just made a typo and typed “goof friend”, and she’s that too!) Tanya aka StyleSpyGirl is the mastermind behind this amazing series. She is the creator and host, and she has a big heart. Just watch this pilot episode… I dare you not to cry! It’s so uplifting and wonderful. The special woman chosen for this episode is Shelley. I got to meet her and her family, and let me tell you… they are such a source of inspiration and hope. I originally was going to drop by the filming and take a few pics for a blog post last spring. I ended up staying the whole day… and coming back for Day 2 of filming.  I spent time with the host, the stylists, the crew, and of course Shelley and her family. It was a really awesome opportunity. I’m SO happy to share this with you! If you have any means to help Tanya continue this dream of hers to prove every woman IS beautiful, please contact her here: everywomanproject@yahoo.com

Watch the pilot episode here!


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