H&M Grand Opening in Boise!

I’m dancing a dance and singing a song, and it goes a little something like this:

“Boise has an H&M! Boise has an H&M! la la la la H&M!”

My dear, sweet, awesome, stylish, beautiful friend StyleSpyGirl texted me this morning asking if I could take a long lunch and hop on over to the mall to hang with her and photograph the store opening… UM, YES.

The DJ had the music pumping, the long line of waiting customers were antsy, and the new staff was having a dance-off in the moments before noon.

The cool thing about H&M? Cheap. Stylish. Clothing. Maybe you’ve been to a “big city” (NYC, San Francisco, Dresden) and were lucky enough to find one of these stores. Because, guess what! You can’t buy things from their website! No, my friend… you must go to the brick and mortar. And NOW YOU CAN! Check out my slideshow below, and make sure to jump over to www.stylespygirl.com for her blogpost about a special reader who won big!

(Click on the image to enlarge)