A lil’ bit o’ dis, and a lil’ bit o’ dat | ammophotog

I’ve got a fun pot-o-random for you today! Who needs structure, right?? 😉

First, some street style!

This gal’s hair is SUPER cute, and I’m digging the “Marilyn Monroe”  lip piercing!

DROOTS! That is a word I just made up that means I’m drooling over her boots.

I really like these colors! They remind me of a mermaid!

Ok, and now for some photos I took at Anthropologie downtown! I LOVE the way this whole store looks. I also love their clothes, but I usually make a beeline for the Sale Room.

Well helllooooo there!

Oooh all the pretty things! But I am a bit of a goof, so I need to share one more thing with you: http://www.anthroparodie.com/ This site is SO funny! It takes actual images from the Anthropologie catalog and makes up a funny story (and an outrageous price) for the item.

Thanks for stopping by!