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(Written by Tanya from http://www.StyleSpyGirl.com and photos by ammophotog)

A very special store just opened in Boise Town Square: Apricot Lane! Ammo (from ammophotog), my fellow fashion sleuth and brilliant photographer friend, joined me recently at the Grand Opening festivities. Other bloggers were there too, like Stiletto Siren and Fashion Kellie, shopping the racks and tweeting pics of their favorite finds. Across the board, we were all pretty impressed with the gorgeous fashions Apricot Lane has to offer! But there’s more to this story than just great clothes… 😉
Most of the brands at Apricot Lane are new to this town, but even the familiar ones (Miss Me, Big Star) come in different styles than what you’ll find in department stores. The clothes are adorable, the sales staff is fabulous, and the prices are quite reasonable. But what makes this little store stand out as a truly special shop? Its great big, beautiful heart! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Apricot Lane first formed in Vacaville, California in 2007, by Former firefighters and furniture retailers Ken Petersen and Tom Brady. Their passion was to provide franchise stores that provide high-quality clothing and gifts that were manufactured with integrity and human compassion. Boise’s new Apricot Lane is co-owned by Scott & Teri Lybbert, and Bill & Jen Ackerman. Both couples work hard to stock their boutique with beautiful things that were humanitarianly made!
From bracelets made for surfers in Costa Rica (each colored thread represents a charity that receives a percentage of the sale!), to local craftswomen plucked from Etsy (Flipped Bird purses & gifts!) , to handmade luxury leather bags from seamstresses in Utah (WILL Leather Goods), Apricot Lane provides a truly unique – and humanitarian – shopping experience!
One brand, the IOWEYOU Project, strives to connect consumers with the people behind the clothes. Do you love knowing where your produce came from at the Farmer’s Market? It’s a similar concept! Scan a special barcode on an IOWEYOU product, and your smartphone will show you a picture of the person who handmade that item… AND give you the option of friending them on Facebook!
Another amazing brand is the “good hYOUman” line, founded in 2007 by Brett Novek. From Wikipedia: “After his father died from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2008, Brett started the clothing company Good HYouman in an attempt to save others from the heartache he felt, of which a portion of its profits goes to help people with leukemia and lymphoma.”
Brett’s shirts are American-made, on 12 sewing machines in downtown LA. Every soft, cozy t-shirt and tank top has an encouraging or empowering message on the front. Then, typed inside the shirt is a unique tale of an individual who has overcome disease, abuse, addictions, or other challenges, and lived to share their story with us! As Brett says on his website, “Everyone Has a Story, YOUniting hYOUmanity by sharing the stories that make us hYOUman.”
When Ammo and I walked through the doors of Apricot Lane, we felt an instant connection to the fashions, and the heart & soul that behind this unique boutique. We love this place, and we’ll be back every chance we get (and maybe every paycheck, ha ha ha!)
Stop by Apricot Lane, on the upper level, near the east end of Boise Towne Square mall. The sales staff are super-friendly and helpful, the clothes are beautiful, and if you pay close attention, something special just might touch your heart.
StyleSpyGirl & Ammo