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I bite my nails. Well… usually I’ll chip them off on something and then try to “bite” them back into a straight line. It inevitably fails and then I end up with one seriously crappy looking nail. I like having colorful nails… but when I get finished giving myself a manicure, it looks as though my 2 year old niece did it for me. Q-tips are my very best friend when I’m doing my nails. And, without fail, I end up smooshing them into my jeans (which someday will be all the rage, mark my words! Textured smoosh nails). And even if, by some miracle of GOD, I can quarantine my nails in isolation until they are absolutely dry… they chip the next day. ANNOYING!!!!

A few months ago, my coworkers convinced me to get fake nails. I’d never had them before, and they actually made fun of me for getting such “short” fakes. lol The reason I finally caved to getting a manicure and fake nails was this: THEY DON’T CHIP. That’s what I was told, anyway. This new type of polish, which is cured by UV light, stays shiny and perfect for 3 weeks or so.


(nails by MaRia at Hair Art Gallery)

Pink sparkles?! Yes, please. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. And they lived up to their promise: they did not chip or dull or otherwise get ruined. They grew out. And so, back to the nail lady I went…

(nails by MaRia at Hair Art Gallery)

Note: Pinterest is a treasure trove. I’m sure you already know this. But, I found this design on the site and loved it. Also note: sorry these photos are not my normal awesome flavor… they are phone pics and have you ever tried to take a photo of your hand with your phone? Difficult.

I decided I didn’t like the length of fake nails. THEN I found out… you don’t have to have fake nails to get this kind  of manicure!!!!

Called “Gel Polish” or “Shellac”, these new types of polishes are magic. They get brushed on, you stick your hand under a UV light (like a little baby tanning bed for your fingers) and literally within a minute or two the polish is set. It’s dry! You don’t have to worry about smooshing it into your jeans! Or, have you ever had to go to the BATHROOM right after getting a manicure? It. Is. Terrifying. The meticulous dance your fingers have to do to unbutton your pants?!  It’s choreographed chaos. Anyway, I digress…

I’m a big fan of the “reverse french tip”. I’m also a big fan of not doing what everyone else is doing. So here are some pictures of my recent manicures AFTER the fakies came off:

(nails by Jamie at Graeber & Co.)

(nails by Susan at Body & Soul Spa)

(nails by Susan at Body&Soul Spa)

My next appointment is in 2 weeks. I really want chartreuse… but none of the places I’ve been to carry it yet. It is so nice to be able to have nice looking nails, without worrying about “touch-ups”! They seriously last AT LEAST 2 weeks, and the ones I’ve had last pretty much until my nail grows out enough that it starts to look weird. Prices vary, but Susan at Body&Soul charges $20 for a shellac manicure. DEAL!!!

If you try it out, post a pic to my facebook page! I’d love to see what kind of fun nails you get.