Sneak Peek: Rack City, Chick! | ammophotog

Nordstrom Rack is having its GRAND OPENING RIGHT MEOW! Phew… I’ve spent 3 days in a row at The Rack, shooting photos and attending scandalous soirees (did you hear the ridiculous news story about it? haha). But now, it is open to everyone!! StyleSpyGirl and I are joining fashion forces to bring you a MEGA BLOG POST about the whole exciting event so stay tuned.

StyleSpyGirl and Ammo

Meanwhile, here is what you missed if you weren’t there this morning:

The line wrapped around the entire building!

Shoppers got there early to be first in line!

Before the madness!

Then the doors opened. Stampede!

Next week: YOUR favorite fashion finds, StyleSpyGirl interviews shoppers, lots and lots of pictures, plus the gal that won it all… the multi-thousand dollar shopping spree!!

See ya soon!