Boise Street Style: Hopping into fashion | ammophotog

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Ahem. I just have one thing to say before we begin this week’s journey of street style…


I will be there, bright eyed and bushy-booted, when the doors open. I’ll be snapping shots of YOU and YOUR FAVORITE FASHION FINDS to be featured right here on ammophotog street! Ohmygoshitssoexciting.

So here we go…

These girls were hanging out at Flying M for some coffee and gift shop glancing.

Birdcage necklace!


Very interesting combo! It took me awhile to notice… her SOCKS have the laces! lol

And a close-up of her earrings:  pistol and cowboy boot!! Cuteness! Such a fresh-faced beauty.

From the office to happy-hour, this outfit is classy and sexy!

Beads beads beads beads! Coral is such a great color, too.

If I were to make up a story about this girl (do you ever do that? Make up stories about people you see?) I’d say she was a fashion blogger, too!

Another detail shot: love these tights! As the sexy gay character in Clueless (Christian) says: “Nice stems!”

This GORGEOUS girl is all about food… vegan food! Have you ever been interested in learning more about veganism? Check out her blog, Begin Vegan! ( I ran into her while she was dishing up some of her beet cheesecake during First Thursday.

Boise is so stylish! As I was wandering around First Thursday last week I ran into my friend Rachel at her pop-up shop. She makes these great pendants! I had to pick this one up. You can find more of her stuff on her etsy site:

I also wanted to brag about share with you this MAJOR style steal I scored yesterday!! $100 OFF at my favorite shoe store. The ONLY pair in the store (Boise’s location doesn’t carry the brand), and in MY SIZE. The style gods were smiling upon me. SQUEEEE!

Have a fabulous week! See you at the Rack, and around town. Stay stylish!