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Attention people of the WORLD!! Stand up and take notice of this incredibly AMAZING website!

I am giddy talking about this, because I just think it is SO. RAD.

Stylitics ( is a cross between facebook, shopping, organizing your closet, and reading a fashion magazine. Um hello, all things that I love! Let me try to explain this in layman’s terms: Stylitics is the computerized, adult version of playing dress-up. This is your virtual closet. You can take pictures of items you own (clothing, shoes, accessories), and put them into your account. You can then mix and match to make outfits using things you already own! You can categorize the outfits into lists, i.e. brunch outfits or work outfits (or maybe, “wandering around downtown taking pictures of stylish strangers” outfits). Using your virtual closet, you can log in and pick out a cute look for whatever situation! And all the while, the site keeps track of these things to help you dress smarter.

And there’s more…

You can follow friends and even famous stylists to see what’s in THEIR closets!


There is a weather forecast widget built in, which shows you the forecast for the week and allows you to plan an outfit based on the temp (rainy day outfit, anyone??).

Seriously, there is MORE!!!

Calendar, to track what you’ve worn and to plan in advance what you will wear. Style Profile (think FB timeline with followers/following). A place to showcase your Style Icons (gets you excited for an article StyleSpyGirl and I are working on for Fusion Magazine‘s summer issue: Style Icons of Boise!!).  Favorite Looks. Wishlist. They’ve even got a promotion going right now where TOP STYLISTS will analyze your wardrobe, make suggestions, and you could win a giftcard to go out and buy some new swag!

I’m hyperventilating trying to tell you every reason this website blows my mind. So I asked the website’s co-founder, Zach Davis to help me out:

Ammo:  Who started Stylitics, and why?

ZD: My business partner and I started the company in early 2011 after realizing that like us, many people wanted a better way to manage their style in a smarter, more intelligent way.  They want to connect with brands and retailers, as well as friends, and also be smarter about the decisions they are making.  At the same time, we knew from prior experience that brands were looking for a better way to understand and engage their target customers. We thought, “Something like this must exist!” It turned out it didn’t – so we decided to build it ourselves.

(** Thank you!)

Ammo: What does the name mean?

ZD: Style + Analytics = Stylitics

Ammo: Where are you located? 

ZD: Headquartered in New York City

Ammo: When did you launch?

ZD: Officially started the company January 2011

Ammo: What do you think is the difference between style and fashion?

ZD: I think when people think of “fashion” they think high-end, or fashionista, or a fashion show.  Style is individual.  Style can be anything.  It’s authentic, it’s about the person.  Your style can be alternative rocker, or casual, or high-end fashion.

(** I completely agree, Zach!!!)

Ammo: What is your favorite: movie, color, and city?

ZD: Movie:  Almost Famous

Color: Lately gun metal, but typically I’m a various shades of blue guy.

City: Chicago

Ammo:  Who is your style icon?

ZD: A tie:  Leonardo Dicaprio and Cary Grant

Ammo: What is the most surprising thing people will find out about the site?

ZD: That it tells you information about how you wear and buy clothes – what brands you own the most of, styles you prefer, and more.  It’s all about “your style, smarter” and everything we create is geared towards giving the consumer more rich information that they actually care about.  Soon it will tell you how to find brands and styles like what you already own and love, show real-time trends in other cities, and much more.

Ammo:  What is your background in fashion?

ZD: I’ve been a curious fan for a while, more generally interested in how people connect and engage with each other around a product.  For me that was music and then technology, and I think fashion or style very much crosses over into those two fields.  I can also remember being younger and having frustration that I couldn’t find items that I was looking for.  And, I also like to sew and fix items.  I think there’s a designer inside of me somewhere, not that I plan on pursuing that 🙂

Ammo: Describe (or show us) your favorite outfit! 🙂

ZD: I tend to go for the classic look.  My favorite outfit is a pair of comfortable but fitted dark wash blue jeans (something basic like 7 Jeans or Banana Republic), along with a fitted black button up (Boss or Aksel), a charcoal John Varvatos blazer, and black Kenneth Coles (shoes).  The profile pic in my style profile shows this a bit

Very cool, thanks Zach!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but I’m running out of ways to say it: GO CHECK OUT THIS SITE! And follow me while you’re at it:
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