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March is sort of bipolar, as far as the weather is concerned. But, if you’re like me, you ran outside recently and breathed in the sunshine! Hurray! SUN! Then it poured all over Treefort. Oh well. That sun has to show its face again sometime, right?

During one of those blissfully sunny days, I went on the prowl for some style…





This *may* just be the most stylish girl in Boise. I’d like to see you try to beat that, though! The HAT! The SHOES! The…everything. Honestly, if I tried to wear this I would look like a clown. But she somehow is magic and looks AMAZING.

White sunnies are everywhere right now! I love them! And the red belt adds some fun to this outfit.


There are those white sunnies again! What I love most about this girl is her hair! You can’t have this hair color and NOT be fun. She was on her way home from her Radio Boise show, Writer’s Block! And you thought people on the radio dressed like slobs…

Ahh, springtime is for lovebirds. And these two lovebirds are like peacocks of style! Btw, they really were taking a walk after their date. They highly recommend The Lorax!

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores… everything about it drives me nuts (except the price tags, which drive me nuts in another way, lol). While doing some shopping there I saw these killer boots! Where in the world did she get them? Anthro catalogue, no doubt. But that was not the case… SHE MADE THEM! This girl is a DIY guru. Boots from Old Navy, cut down to the ankle, scraps of extra fabric made into cords and sewn on. Love it! (**inside info: ammophotog street will feature a post soon all about Anthropologie!)

I’m a sucker for accents, so when I heard this beautiful girl speak in one (don’t hate me because I didn’t ask, but I’m guessing Australian??) I turned my head. This outfit reminds me of equestrian style, with the slim pants and knee-high boots. I’m also on the hunt for a shirt like hers… my friend Kelli over at Leopard&Lavender told me it’s the best shirt to pair with last summer’s maxi dresses so that they work for spring!

This picture just makes me giggle.  BFF BOOTS!

Awesome boots: check. Sweater-skirt: check. Awesome aqua cardi: check. Colorful accessories: check. Cool blouse: check. “You’re such a nerd, crazy photographer lady” expression: check. She’s so beautiful! I love her smile.

Sometimes… I feel like a stalker. I’ll be honest. Luckily, nobody has told me so to my face (yet). But I saw these lovely ladies lunching and just sat there, waiting for them to leave. I’m not gonna interrupt someone in the middle of their lunch! So I just sat there munching on a fry until they got walked out the door. But geez they were fast! Haha,  I literally ended up RUNNING down 8th street to catch up to them. But hey, if a fashion photographer RUNS after you for your picture, take it as a compliment!

Treefort Music Fest was this weekend (as if you didn’t know), and alternative style was oozing out of Boise’s pores! If you zoom in on the pic, you’ll see that the bracelets are made out of those big plastic beads you probably used to use in elementary school! And check out his belt!

Totally stylin’ for Happy Hour!

I am really glad this post has some testosterone in it… I was beginning to get discouraged by you, Men of Boise! This guy reminds me of a blond James Dean!

I love legwarmers! And I’m digging the transparent, polka-dot blouse!

You have to make a jacket like this, right? I mean… punk kids don’t go to Punks R Us and buy a jacket with patches and writing, and etc. I’m not sure the belt is helping the pants in any way, but it’s a fun touch!

Don’t worry, Boise. The sun will come out tomorrow. Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard. And, just to give you something to REALLY look forward to, NORDSTROM RACK opens in a few short weeks and you bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be there at the Grand Opening taking pictures of YOUR Favorite Fashion Finds! See you soon!