Printed Pants v. Pajamas? | ammophotog

Spring Fashion Trend: Printed Pants.

I recently traveled to Mexico (um, here! go to there. now.,

and getting off the plane I noticed an amazing outfit. A girl was wearing a fitted top, straw fedora, and these wide-leg, flowy printed pants. It looked great on her, and for a second I was embarrassed of my black yoga pants (but then I remembered it’s 10+ hours of travel, we woke up at 4:30am, and there would be no paparrazi waiting at the gate). This got me thinking… the new printed pants look dangerously close to pajamas.

Living downtown I see my fair share of horrible interesting style. Namely, the number of people who leave the Idanha in pajama pants (disclaimer, the Idanha is also one of my favorite places to find cool, unique style). I’ve developed a quick and easy reference guide for you regarding this trend.

So, how do you wear this trend without looking like you should be wearing fuzzy slippers?

It’s all about accessories. Probably the MOST important accessories for your printed pants are shoes.

Wearing printed pants with tennis shoes: pajamas. Wearing printed pants with a platform wedge: hot spring trend! Balance proportions if your pants are wide with a fitted top. Also, take notice of the print. Tribal patterns are ok… cupcakes or puppies are not. If you are large and in charge, choose a dark fabric. If you are petite, go for the slimmer leg… a wide, flowy leg will swallow you up.

I tried out this trend. I ended up choosing a wide-leg (like the ones I’d seen on the plane), with a sort of Missoni-print.

Notice the shoes I paired it with: platform, chunky heel. Here’s the difference between the RIGHT shoe and the (very) WRONG shoe:

There’s a fine line here, people. Be cautious! 😉

I wore the printed pants and pumps to the office. I love doing research!! Here are some actual comments I got (and, compared to a typical day, I got a lot more than usual!):

Boss: Where did you get those??
Boss’s Boss: Those are the funkiest funky pants.
Boss’s Boss’s Boss: You look so glamorous. Like one of those model photoshoot things.
BFF: I think….. I like them! (love her honesty. LOL) (FIVE dots?! dot dot dot…dot. dot.)
Lady down the hall: Oh my gosh you are so fun!!
Very stylish girl: I had to come over and see your effin’ cool pants!
Cubie neighbor: I’m loving your pants!!
AdminAss (hehe):  Don’t take this the wrong way, but your butt looks BANGIN’ in those pants.

Sometimes people tell me, “I could never get away with that.” Well… why the heck not?! Go out on a limb this week and wear something you feel is just a bit over the top. Chances are, it actually ISN’T over the top and is just a little extra pizzazz that will get you noticed.