Boise Street Style: LAUNCH! | ammophotog

Hey yo. I’m Ammo and this piece is FINALLY, OFFICIALLY, STUPENDOUSLY,


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I wander the streets of Boise looking for people who put a little extra effort into their style. To me, fashion and style are two separate but connected ideas. Style is about reflecting who you are. Style is not necessarily the latest trends, or what you see on the runways. Fashion can definitely be used within your personal style.

Spring is on its way, people. No more excuses to walk around in a parka and sweats (well ok, maybe it’s March and still snowing…). I hope to catch you and your personal, unique style soon! Will YOU be shot by Ammo? These stylish people were!!

Wait… where did everybody go??

I have to admit… it took me awhile to find some style on the streets this time of year. I know, I know. It’s all too easy to wear your Snuggie and Uggs (on the COUCH! Good god, don’t wear them in public) because of the weather. On some of my walks, the streets were downright desolate. <<Ammo looks to the right… nothing. Ammo looks to the left… no one. Hello? hello hello. Echo! echo echo.>>

But then…

These girls were crossing toward Urban Outfitters when I stopped them. Lo and behold, one of them had been in a previous issue of Fusion Magazine! Real life models wandering the streets, whodathunkit?


Ahh, sibling rivalry love.

This beautiful girl works with me, and she is always stylin!!

Love this scarf…

Nothing wrong with a POP of color on a cold, winter’s day!

See? This is what I mean by style v. fashion. Do they own it? Hellz yes!

Um, let me just say this: it makes me happy to see that even Boise’s parking meters have unique style!!

These girls make me want to go have brunch RIGHT. NOW.

Another POP of color, with some skinnies and cute boots. Gorgeous!

Sweater vests can be an iffy thing. But this hottie looks dapper and a bit whimsical because of the Vans!

I’m still on the hunt! Check out my weekly updates on all things related to Boise style and fashion.