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Let me tell you about a magical place of color and light. It’s called DSW, and it is a land of wonder!

Designer Shoe Warehouse is relatively new to Boise. Located on Franklin (near the mall, by  TJ Maxx), its big orange sign beckons you.

The women in my office are obsessed with DSW. In fact, for boss’s day we pooled our money and bought our supervisor a gift card for shoes. And, of course, we all wanted to go with her to spend it. 😉

I’m almost 5’10”, so it’s rare that I will purchase a pair of sky high heels. But that’s part of the fun at DSW! They have so many fun shoes to look at and try on. And, if you’re a sucker for a deal (like me), head to the back of the store for their massive clearance section!


My last trip was fruitful: 2 pairs of heels and a cute pair of lace ankle socks (I’d been looking all over   for some). Total: $26.42. SERIOUSLY!


In addition to TONS of shoes, DSW has accessories like hats, socks, and bags.


Until I can mark off #25 on my life list (buy a pair of Christian Louboutins), I’ll get my fix at this shoe mecca.


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